The classification of the wheel hub

Update:14 Aug 2017

The wheels on the market according to the material can […]

The wheels on the market according to the material can be divided into two major categories of steel wheel and alloy wheels, and both have pros and cons of each.

Steel wheel hub of the main advantages is the manufacturing process is simple, the cost is relatively low, and metal fatigue resistance ability is very strong, also is our common cheap and sturdy.But the shortcomings of your steel wheels are relatively prominent is ugly (can say nothing to speak of appearance), heavy weight (the same wheel steel quality are much heavier than aluminum alloy material), big inertia resistance, heat dissipation is more bad, and very easy to rust.

Relatively speaking, material alloy wheels can compensate for this problem, lighter weight, small inertia resistance, production of high precision, rotating at high speed when the deformation is small, is conducive to improve the performance of the car straight reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption.Thermal properties of the alloy material is about three times that of steel, good heat dissipation, for the vehicle's braking system, tire and brake system of the thermal decay can play a role.The original car on the market of alloy wheels are given priority to with aluminium alloy, of course, a lot of modified wheel in order to achieve certain special requirements and visual ascension will choose chrome, titanium and other elements as basic material.However, compared to steel quality, and the wheel, the alloy wheels prices a lot more expensive, so often in a lot of mid-range levels of the original car, steel wheel match models appear in low, and alloy wheels is high match the standard model.