Automobile wheel hub daily maintenance - need to caress more beautiful

Update:04 Aug 2016

Limousine wheel are mostly for the aluminum alloy mater […]

Limousine wheel are mostly for the aluminum alloy materials.This wheel appearance beautiful, but also very temperamental.To keep the wheel appearance beautiful, in addition to take extra care to prevent in the process of driving wheel hub of the accidental injury, but also on a regular basis for preventive maintenance and hub.If you have time shall be conducting a thorough cleaning every week.

1, wash wheel on the surface of the grains of sand, and easy to cause damage to wheels of dirt.Otherwise, the surface of the alloy to be susceptible to corrosion and damage.

2, use the acid cleaner to deal with internal and external surfaces of the wheel hub.Every 2 months to hub last best wax, so that you can extend the service life of wheel hub.

Note: in order not to destroy the hub surface protective layer of itself, cannot be used in hub paint brightener or other abrasive materials.When there is damage of alloy protective paint, such as the road is hard touch can have scars, as soon as possible to repair of alloy wheels, spray paint again.This is best done to professional repair station.

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