As an important means of transportation for our daily travel, cars have greatly facilitated our lives. In addition to human factors, the accessories are also an important part of the life of the car. A good horse with a good saddle can play its strength. If you use inferior accessories, it will not save money, and sometimes it will endanger the driver. s life.
One: glass water
Glass water is a consumable item, especially in windy and rainy weather. It is used frequently and can be replenished in a few days. Although the price is not expensive, the problem is that the fake glass water is easy to block the nozzle, and the glass is not clean.
How to tell? The first is to find a container, go in and put it down in the refrigerator. Generally speaking, the freezing point of the glass water is very low. After the next day, there is no sticking phenomenon. The liquidity of the liquid is very smooth, indicating that the glass water is no problem. of.
Then it is smelling to see if there is any taste of alcohol. Generally speaking, the authentic glass water has more or less ethanol in the ingredients because it has low freezing point and good cold resistance.
If you can't unscrew the cap, you can shake it hard and see how much bubbles in the bottle. The richer the foam of the glass water, the stronger the decontamination ability.
Two: engine oil
Engine oil is equivalent to the blood of the engine, they reduce the friction between the metals, improve work efficiency and increase the life of the engine.
In general, there are three steps to distinguish between true and false motor oil.
one look
Mainly to see the color, in the normal temperature state, the color of the genuine engine oil is much deeper than the fake machine oil, and there is no impurity inside.
Two smells
By smelling the smell of the oil through the nose, you will find that the genuine oil has almost no sensitive taste, similar to the faint fragrance, while the fake machine oil has a distinctly pungent gasoline taste.
Three frozen
This method is similar to the inspection of glass water. Take a little oil to the paper cup, and then place it in a refrigerator at minus 15 degrees Celsius. After freezing for 48 hours, the genuine oil will show good low temperature fluidity, while the transparency and color have no obvious change. The counterfeit motor oil will be slightly viscous and turbid.
Three: brake pads
In daily driving, the brakes are accompanied by the sound of the “iron-iron” (alarm sheet), and the braking distance is obviously longer, indicating that the brake pads are replaced. Generally speaking, driving about 60,000 kilometers It is necessary to consider replacement, even if it is not replaced.
The choice of good brake pads, the first is to look at the weight, the quality of the brake pads is much heavier than the fake, you can take the old brake pads to measure, if the new weight is very heavy, it shows no problem.
The second is to look at the packaging, the genuine brake pads are exquisitely packaged, and are equipped with a certificate. Then look at the brake pad with or without the intermediate guide groove. The function of this groove is to discharge the friction debris to ensure that the working surface is tightly coupled.
Finally, we must look at the location of the alarm film is not standard, this is a technical problem, if you can not do this, then you can give up this fake directly.