1. High-pressure casting adopts vacuum assist, which can reduce or even eliminate the congenital defects of ordinary die-casting such as oxide inclusions and pores when the gas in the mold cavity is not discharged during high-speed jet filling of the alloy melt, improve the quality of the casting, and can be heat treated. Improve the mechanical properties of the casting body material.

2. The magnesium alloy wheel adopts the filling mode of the bottom pouring center vacuuming, which can avoid the disadvantages of low vacuuming efficiency at the top of the center casting, thickening of the spokes and the wheel center; compared with the one-way pressure of the top vacuuming center of the center pouring In this way, the two-way pressure compensation of the rim and the wheel core can obtain better mechanical properties.

3. Since the mold is in the normal temperature state, and the vacuum die-casting process is in the high temperature state, the gap between the mating surfaces should be reasonable. If the gap is too large, the sealing effect is not good. If the gap is too small, the card will be jammed and pulled. Condition; for the deformation of the wheel center, the pressure-reducing rod should be water-cooled and oil-lubricated to maintain the equipment and improve production efficiency.